Profil MC is a partner to Global Executive Search from March 2021. Global Executive Search is a worldwide Network of independent Executive Search firms. It was founded by Mr. Lorenzo Bombardini in January 2019; he is the Chairman of the Network.

Global Executive Search offers services relating to the highest managerial levels (Chairmen, Boards of Directors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs,  etc.),assigned directly by the Owning Company to our group members. These services include: Executive Search, Board Member Search, Business Partners’ Search and Management Audits.

The local Partners and Members of the Network may add other complementary services at a local level.

All the Partners/Members, Consultants and Researchers are able to offer their clients direct search for Executive profiles such as CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, Function Directors, etc. and Board Members, coupling the most advanced state of the art methods with the highest level of customization, typical of traditional craftsmanship.